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First Saturday of every month, Botox Saturday from 10-2 pm

I am a personalized coordinator at Salon rebelle.  I have been working with Dr. Michael Wensley, since 2006, for his medical offices as well as Marketing Manager for all patient coordinating needs.  I am here for you on a daily basis to answer questions, regarding procedures and share my experience about the treatments I have received, and/or concerns you may have about your treatments with the doctor.  My background is not clinical; I am just another everyday woman who wants to grow old gracefully.  My belief is to enhance the natural beauty we all have, by doing non-invasive facial treatments.  I have worked with celebrities on product development which has taken me to an amazing experience on the Real OC Housewives, during this time I have had the pleasure to meet some amazing people that have reached out to me for advice on skin care.  I will always be dedicated to detail and take pride in offering quality services.  I enjoy helping my clients and putting them at ease during any service we provide.


I have found a great partner in the non-invasive cosmetic world with Dr. Wensley.  Watch for my monthly email blast which will have a unique special each month, but is time sensitive.

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The approach from Dr. Wensley is distinct from that of the plastic surgeon or dermatologic surgery schools of thinking where large discrete interventions such as ablating skin with high power lasers, or surgically excising skin and placing implants are the approach. Small interventions with no downtime encouraging natural rejuvenation by turning on your own genetically encoded healing programs are far favored over large interventions involving destroying or removing tissue. Improving the cells and tissues of your own body are preferred whenever possible over fillers and toxins made by pharmaceutical companies. 


Botox should be affordable for everyone. At $7.75/unit you’ll receive full strength Allergan brand name Botox for a fraction of the cost.



$350 PROGRAM & $150/MONTH - 13 treatments / 12 months

This Program is an on-going beauty enhancement and age prevention program developed by M. Keith Wensley M.D. This innovative maintenance program is the first of its kind to prevent the skin changes associated with age by improving (by decreasing) the appearance of age though small low-intensity procedures.

The Program is an enhancement of a treatment protocol scientifically proven to prevent any signs of aging for 8 years and with these enhancements is expected to prevent signs of aging considerably beyond the 8 years of the original treatments. Here, your body’s own genetically programmed healing abilities are used to give you gorgeous, glowing skin that looks natural, needs less makeup and Botox and gives you that effortless “photo shopped in real life” look.

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